Launchy – the best free tool you never knew you needed

You are halfway through your demo, when your prospect suddenly interrupts. “Does your company handle XYZ?”

“Of course! Give me just a moment, I have a document on my computer that talks about this…. Hold on… Just a moment…. Well, I might have to email this to you later.”

With the free program Launchy, every document and program on your computer is only a few keystrokes away.

Launchy opening an .mp3 using the Default skin

Launchy can instantly:

  • Open any program installed on your computer
  • Open any file or folder stored in your documents
  • Perform quick math calculations
  • …and much more, with the correct plugins

By default, Launchy opens with the keyboard shortcut Alt + Space. Simply start typing the name of any file or folder, and Launchy will find it instantly. If you are doing a short math calculation, hitting Enter will copy the result to your computer’s clipboard.

Launchy Calculator

Launchy can be downloaded for free via the website. Launchy can be installed as a “portable” program, which means you do not need Administrative rights from your IT department.

Once Launchy is installed, click the cog in the top right corner to get to the settings menu. You will want to show Launchy where to look for your documents.

Launchy Settings Cog

Launchy is very powerful, but we’ll only need to make a few tweaks to the settings. By default, Launchy is always visible. I prefer Launchy to hide automatically when not in use by checking the box next to the option “Hide Launchy when it loses focus.”

2015-04-11 11_08_02-Launchy options

Now we need to tell Launchy where to find your documents. Navigate to the “Catalog” tab and click the + button.

2015-04-11 11_09_11-Launchy options 2

A box will pop up showing the folders on your computer. Navigate to the folder where you store your documents and select OK. I am using Google Drive in the example below, but this will typically be the “Documents” folder. You can repeat this step for any additional folders you store files in (such as the desktop or other custom folders).

Select Folder

Note: Launchy will automatically look through sub-folders, so you only need to show Launchy the highest level folder to look into.

Once you’ve added a folder, check the boxes on the right labeled “Include executables” and “Include directories.” Then click the + button under the “File Types” section, and type the following: *.*  This tells Launchy to look for all files and folders.

Add Folder Settings

That’s it! Now you can instantly find any file or folder on your computer as fast as you can think of it.

Launchy OPen File

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