3 Simple Keyboard Tricks for a Great Demo

You’re halfway through a demo, and the prospect is extremely engaged. Suddenly, disaster strikes! Where did that other window go?

“Hold on… I’ll get it in a moment… Don’t forget how excited you are while I fumble around on my computer!”

Knowing just a few simple tricks will allow you to navigate your computer with ease, and will instantly give your prospects and clients the impression that you are extremely computer savvy.

Please note that while today’s post is primarily for a Windows based computer, many of these solutions will work on Mac and Linux as well.

1. Hold Alt and push Tab to quickly switch between open programs

AltTab KeyboardIf you push Alt and then Tab once, you will quickly be in the window that was last open. You can hold Alt and hit tab multiple times to go through each window one at a time. This makes it very easy to find that lost document that you wanted to show your prospect.

Above is a short video showing what this looks like in action.

2. Use the Ctrl button to “point” on screen

This setting must be turned on for most computers, as it is turned off by default. You can enable this feature in the Control Panel under the Mouse icon. In the video below, I walk through how to enable this setting. I press the Ctrl key several times to indicate where I am about to click throughout the video.

Note: You can access the Control Panel by pushing the Windows Button on your computer (between Ctrl and Alt), typing “Control Panel,” and pushing enter.

3. Zoom in and out of webpages and documents effortlessly

You never know how far away a prospect will sit from your screen. If people in your audience are having trouble seeing, you can hold Ctrl and scroll the mouse wheel up or down to zoom in and out.

If you are on a laptop, you can sometimes use the Plus or Minus keys in place of the scroll wheel. Note that if you do not have a number pad, you may have to hold the “shift” key while pushing Plus or Minus.

Know of other keyboard shortcuts worth sharing? Please tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Great tip on the mouse pointer thing. I was wondering how you did that.

    I love using the F11 key when in a web browser so the working page goes full screen and unclutters the presentation.


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