A case for technology in the sales process

In every first meeting that I have with a new prospect, I ask the same question: “Is it possible for your team to leverage better technology to be more efficient?”

This question was designed specifically to get my prospects comfortable with saying “yes.” Oddly, many of us in the world of sales never ask this of ourselves.

Everyone just wants to do tomorrow the same thing they did yesterday. It’s comfortable, and technology moves quicker than our comfort zones.

A mentor of mine once used the analogy of a daily commute to describe this phenomenon. “If you took the same path to work every day, you would not want to waste your time asking for directions. But what if I knew a short-cut that would take 30 minutes off your drive – say, a new road that just opened? Would you take it? Of course you would.”

So that’s why I’m here. To introduce you to new roads. To be a catalyst for putting technology into your sales process. To give you back a half hour every day. But on one condition – you must be brave enough to venture down unknown roads.

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  1. Hey- I found you from the Nerdist podcast…been enjoying your stuff for the last month or so, the tips and tools are really insightful. Looking forward to more posts when you fire it up again.


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